Copa America 2021: 3 Key Duel Argentina vs Brazil

Copa America 2021

The 2021 Copa America has reached its peak. Argentina will compete with Brazil to be the best team. There will be at least three key duels in the match.

Maracana Stadium on Sunday (11/7) will witness the battle against Argentina against Brazil. It is an ideal final that could be created in the 2021 Copa America.

In terms of players, both teams have relatively balanced strengths. Argentina and Team Samba has several core players who have careers in Europe.

Not surprisingly, the competition is expected to be fierce. There are a number of key duels that can determine the winner of the match. Here are Argentina's three key duels against Brazil:

Thiago Silva vs Lionel Messi

Thiago Silva vs Lionel Messi

The first key duel would have to do with the Argentine superstar, Lionel Messi. Brazil is expected to assign Thiago Silva to kill La Pulga.

Lionel Messi usually has a slightly freer role than the other two Argentine strikers. Messi can go down to midfield to pick up the ball.

Therefore, it is not wrong to label Messi as the motor of La Albiceleste's attack. If the Brazilian players are careless, Messi's movement will be very deadly.

To be able to stop Messi, it takes players who are not only strong in defense, but also experience requirements. The role can be given to Thiago Silva. With Marquinhos rocking, Silva needs to keep Lionel Messi off the ball.

Rodrigo de Paul Vs Casemiro

Rodrigo de Paul Vs Casemiro

The next fight was born from midfield. Casemiro is predicted to have the task of stemming the movement of Rodrigo de Paul.

In Lionel Scaloni's tactics, Rodrigo de Paul gets a job as a midfielder who operates on the right side. Usually, De Paul is not only required to be active when building attacks but also when under pressure.

With this central role, Brazil has a duty to make it difficult for the player who has been linked with Atletico Madrid to develop. That role is predicted to be played a lot with Casemiro.

Casemiro is known as a midfielder who is more inclined to defend. Usually, Casemiro relies on physical strength and high mobility to filter the opponent's attacks. So, don't be surprised if in the match Casemiro and De Paul will often be involved in the fight.

Nicolas Otamendi Vs Neymar

Nicolas Otamendi Vs Neymar

The next key duel between Nicolas Otamendi and Neymar. This time, the former Manchester City defender will get a tough task.

Argentina needs to find a way to stifle Neymar. Otherwise, the Paris Saint-Germain player will be very dangerous for the Argentine defense area.

For this task, it is estimated that Otamendi will take on the role. Otamendi is known as a defender who does not compromise much.

However, Otamendi also needs to be wary of Neymar's movements, which are known to be full of tricks. In addition, Otamendi also refrained from being provoked by Neymar's actions, who often fell and asked the referee for violations. Neymar's weapon is very dangerous, especially if it occurs in the forbidden box.

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